LYNA Life was created by Darya Blednova, a wife, a mom and a doctor, who is passionate about the health effects of every day objects in our lives.

It all started in 2018. Soon after her daughter, Kira, was born, Darya found herself saying goodbye to trendy and fashion forward clothes and wearing leggings for most of her time out of work. After making that discovery, she set out to find a perfect pair of leggings, to wear and love. The task did not prove easy – while there were hundreds of options on the market, some of those lacked pockets, an essential element preventing the need to tuck your cell phone and keys behind the waistband, some felt like plastic, some ripped after one wash, and some displayed her underwear to the world with even a little bend over. After a lot of shopper’s frustration, Darya finally decided it’s time to make her own perfect leggings, for all moms to enjoy.

With time, we decided to expand our offering, adding other products that would be beneficial for new moms to our store. We dedicate a lot of time to sourcing our products and try to find the options that reflect our values, are safe, health conscious, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.