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  • Postpartum Nutrition

    Postpartum period is one of the most challenging times for any woman, with a lot of adjustments going on on both physical, emotional, intellectual and physiological level. And, if figuring out how to take care of your growing family wasn't hard enough, you also have to figure out how to care for your now changed body. Let's start with one of the most basic and commonly neglected issues - nutrition. Here is the list of general concepts and common questions, which you need to consider during this special period.
  • Postpartum Girdle – Not a Safe Choice

    Postpartum girdles are a hot trend these days. Multiple brands rolled out this shapewear, also calling it postpartum abdominal binders, corsets, belly wraps etc. But whatever the name, the concept of remains the same. It is a piece of strong elastic fabric that squeezes your midsection. And it is not good for you.
  • Non-toxic nursery

    Whether your little one is getting their own room or just a corner of your bedroom, setting up a safe and comfortable space is crucially important as both you and the baby will be spending most of your time there. And while most of the nursery brag-posts leave you feeling like a personalized print and a faux elk head on the wall are the 2 most important elements of any modern nursery, the reality is a little different. Here is a list of a few issues to consider, some obvious, some commonly overlooked, but all important for your baby’s comfort and wellbeing.
  • Postpartum advice to think twice about

    There is a load of information on postpartum care and recovery available both on- and offline these days. And while we are very happy to see the rising interest and awareness on the important issues of diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction and postpartum depression, the volume of information can sometimes make it difficult to separate good advice from the not-so-good.
  • What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

    Here is the secret no one tells you – all you need to bring to the hospital in order to have a baby there is your pregnant self. Even a cell phone charger you can probably borrow from the nurses. But, if you are reading this article chances are you are trying to be a little more organized than that. Here is a minimal list of things we found to be useful during labor and the hospital stay with a new baby.
  • Postpartum wardrobe do’s and don’ts

    The postpartum period can be among the most challenging in a woman’s life. As a new mom you must adapt to new, shifting responsibilities, all while your body is undergoing constant change and leaving you with nothing to wear. It’s inevitable you will need some new clothes during this time, but since you can only guess what lies ahead, picking out the right pieces can be tricky.
  • Things to Do After Baby

    When you bring your bundle of joy home, it’s expected for things to get slightly overwhelming. Between meeting all the baby’s basic needs, trying to feed the rest of your family and keep the house at least acceptably clean, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself during this busy time. Here is a short list to help you remember things that need to be done for you and your body during the postpartum period.
  • How the baby changes your body and what to do about it

    Your body is still your body, and it has proven that it’s capable of bringing an amazing little human into this world -- we think that deserves praise already. However, some of us may be used to and fond of having things work or look a certain way, and if that describes you, we can’t blame you for that either. For those of you who want to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies, here is a list of things that will likely change postpartum and some suggestions of how to get them back into pre-pregnancy state.
  • 6 Things to Do Before Baby

    We all know life is never going to be the same after the baby arrives. There are plenty of online lists telling you to travel more or sleep in as much as you can before you have kids, but the truth is, if you love traveling or sleeping in, you are going to miss those things regardless. Instead, this list is going to focus on the things that are going to help you make life with your new baby a little easier.